M is for Modeling

Climate data for Kansas City, collected from the Downtown Airport reporting station. These are wonderful graphs showing one whole year of data in one block graphic. This kind of analysis is critical for high performance design because code compliance is shifting from “prescriptive” to “performance based.” The old code strategy is prescriptive: “if this, do this...” The newer strategy is: make your house perform at these levels (say a HERS score of 30). How you get there is up to you. The performance based code depends on comparing the actual measured performance of structures to their modeled performance. That kind of modeling depends on data. A sweet little program, Climate Consultant provides this data and the visualization of them you see here.

Liggett, Robin, and Murry N. Milne Climate Consultant 5.5. Los Angeles, CA: UCLA, 2014
download at: www.energy-design-tools.aud.ucla.edu