Our Vision

Ease the antipathy between Architecture and Nature(1) through:

    Low impact Construction(2)

    Critical impact Engineering(3)

    Subversive Architecture(4)

    Conscientious Regionalism(5)

After all, ecology derives from the Greek word for house.(6)

Asked to elaborate:

(1) Revising ingrained bias regarding dualisms such as organic/inorganic or natural/artificial would go a long way towards promoting a more sustainable architecture. Such revision must satisfy multiple goals including cultural production, human shelter and urban transportation.

(2) Lean manufacturing in residential construction designed to address affordability and sustainability.

(3) The engineering component must come to grips with multidimensional environmental considerations.

(4) Architecture is poised to move beyond the positivist logic of modernist functionalism. [And we must avoid traps such as luxury monoculture and ecological tokenism.]

(5) Evidence suggests that saving the planet and saving community are inseparable.

(6) Everyone has a right to a house that is a home.